You’d think a reusable bottle that costs more than $30 would be a tough sell. After all, BPA-free Nalgene bottles cost just $10 or so, while 1-liter aluminum SIGG bottles cost about $25.

But stainless steel reusable bottle company Klean Kanteen’s Reflect bottles have all sold out — despite the $32.95 price tag, not including shipping!

The popularity of these rather pricy bottles isn’t exactly surprising to the eco-set. Klean Kanteen’s long been popular with environmentalists who care about more than just the bottom line. The health-conscious pick stainless steel bottles because these bottles don’t have the potential for chemical leaching that reusable plastic bottles do (yes, even BPA-free bottles!) and don’t require an extra lining as aluminum bottles do (remember thatSIGG controversy with BPA?). And the seriously green-minded like the fact that Klean Kanteen’s thicker stainless steel bottlesare made to last a lifetime — and are totally recyclable.

Add in the fact that Klean Kanteen’s Reflect bottles actually took the company’s eco-simplicity to a new level, and you can start to see why they got so popular! The Reflect is entirely plastic free — and paint free too. The bottle part is made entirely of one material: stainless steel. The cap’s mostly stainless steel, but has a ring of food-grade silicone near the top to keep the bottle water-tight — and sports a stylish bamboo top. All the design elements are simply etched into the stainless steel or bamboo, so there are no paints — or more to the point, no weird chemicals and dyes used in paints — to taint your water supply.

Wondering why I’m teasing you by writing about an uber-green reusable bottle you might want — but is all sold out? Rest assured I’ve got a solution for you — beyond waiting until June, when Klean Kanteen plans to have more to sell. Simply hop over to eco-fashion company Nau’s online store. There, you can get a Klean Kanteen Reflect etched with Nau’s stylish logo for $38 — shipping included.

I got one of these Nau bottles to review — and have to say I’m loving it so far. Yes, it’s a tad heavier than most reusable plastic bottles — but it’s not going to weigh you down too much. The one slightly annoying factor is the loud, steel-against-steel clanging and creaking of the screwtop lid when opening or closing the bottle — noises loud enough to jolt you out of your peaceful revelry at a lookout spot on a pretty hike. That’s a small price to pay, though, for a sleek and stylish durable eco-friendly bottle that’ll never leach chemicals into your body.

Plus, Klean Kanteen’s a member of 1% For the Planet, while Nau donates 2 percent of whatever you spend at their store to an eco-friendly nonprofit partner you can choose when you check out. That means at least 3 percent of what you spend will end up going to eco-charities — which takes a little sting out of the $38 price tag.

What’s the most you would pay for a reusable water bottle?

A 100% plastic-free reusable bottle
Eco-fashion company Nau and Klean Kanteen team up for a sleek, shiny reusable bottle -- made with just stainless steel, food grade silicone, and bamboo.