There are two types of yoga lovers: The minimalists who show up with a simple, rolled up mat tucked under their arm, and the high-maintenance types who arrive at the studio juggling three bags — a purse, a mat bag, and a tote containing yoga blocks, strap, blanket, towel, eye mask — and other yoga-related accouterments.

If you’re the latter type, I’ve got a green suggestion that’ll reduce your yoga load by at least one bag: The rUniverse Bag from yogitoes.

The rUniverse bag is like a mat sling mashed up with a roomy tote. The top part’s like your general, eco-friendly reusable bag — with space enough to carry all your yoga gear plus some — while the bottom part has a couple straps that let you slip in your yoga mat. The double straps are thick enough not to dig into your shoulder — and long enough to be slung over your neck — so you can bike easily to the studio!

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The tote zips up securely at the top — and has a small internal zip-up pocket for valuables. Even better, the rUniverse Bag is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, giving those disposables a second, reusable life. Plus, for each rUniverse Bag sold, yogitoes donates $1 to 5 Gyres, a nonprofit project that tackles plastic marine pollution through exploration, education and action. That’s not a huge portion of the $70 the bag costs at yogitoes — but it’s a small anti-plastic step for your green yoga practice.

A post-plastic yoga tote
A new yogitoes bag made of used plastic bottles combines a reusable tote with a yoga mat sling. Reduce waste while greening your yoga practice.