Do you think corporations have too much control over our government? Annie Leonard — the narrator of the popular eco-minded short video, The Story of Stuff — thinks so, and says 85 percent of Americans think the same in her latest video, The Story of Citizens United v. FEC.

This video tells “the story behind the story of stuff,” according to  Leonard. The gist: Corporations have been given too much power — and some generous first amendment rights — to influence government. Yet corporations also have profit as their single-minded top goal — meaning other goals important to people, ranging from a clean environment to safe neighborhoods, end up getting ignored.

That makes for “a democracy in crisis,” according to Leonard, who calls on viewers to take democracy back from corporations. Watch the video to hear her argument. Do you agree?

Annie Leonard tells the story of corporations
The latest video in 'The Story of Stuff' series argues that corporations have too much power — and the people need to fight to take that power back.