Are you a disposable bag addict? At a time when plastic bag bans and paper bag fees are going into effect around the world, green home blog Re-Nest has come up with a funny quiz: The Disposable Bag Addiction Test.

The 20-question quiz is somewhat reminiscent of medical office pamphlet quizzes that screen for alcoholism or alcoholism. “Have you made a resolution or commitment to quit your disposable bag habit, but haven’t fully kicked it yet?” asks the quiz. “Do you feel depressed, guilty, or remorseful after you use or throw away a disposable bag?” “Do you hide your disposable bags in cabinets, closets, or drawers?”

The straightforward questions are rather funny to read because it tackles a very simple problem — plastic bag use — in a very somber tone. Yet it’s also true that in real life, the simple, habitual use of plastic bags creates the big, somber problem of dead marine life, plastic pollution in the oceans, and giant cleanup fees for taxpayers.

Some of the questions will likely strike home. As a green blogger, I’ve received a lot of comments over the years from people who believe they can’t or won’t be able to kick the plastic bag habit. Those people are likely to answer yes to “Do you usually have 'good' reasons for using disposable bags?” and “Do you fear the inconvenience associated with ditching disposable bags?” The most common “good” reason people give me is that they reuse their plastic bags as trash liners and doggie doo bags.

Do you have excuses for clinging to your disposable bag habit? Let me know how you score on The Disposable Bag Addiction Test.

Are you a disposable bag addict?
Have you been unable to kick your addiction to plastic bags -- despite repeated attempts to do so? Take a quiz to see where your bag problem stands.