Cyber Monday has always confused me. I understand the day in theory — people taking advantage of post-Black Friday holiday sales by shopping online — but I don’t understand the day in practice. How is it that all these people have time to shop on a Monday after an extra long weekend? Don’t they have, like, work?

Because I certainly don’t have time to shop today — which only strengthens my theory that freelancers generally work harder than office-goers, even when the latter technically “work” longer hours than the former.

That’s a long way of saying that if you are “working” in the office today, turn Cyber Monday into Green Gift Monday. The brainchild of The Nature Conservancy, Green Gift Monday is basically Cyber Monday gone green. Whatever you’re buying, make it a thoughtful, eco-friendly purchase.

The Nature Conservancy of course has its own ideas — like symbolically adopting an acre in Australia to help fund the nonprofit’s work. That’s a good plan — though, in general, I encourage people to get to know and support the nonprofits closer to home. In Los Angeles, I recommend dedicating a tree through Treepeople, giving a gift membership to Surfrider Foundation, or for an early holiday gift, letting your gift recipient gorge on desserts at L.A. League of Conservation’s fundraiser Just Desserts.

How do you plan to do your holiday shopping this year?

Are you celebrating Green Gift Monday?
The Nature Conservancy wants to turn Cyber Monday into Green Gift Monday. May all your purchases be eco-friendly --