Have you saved yourself and your roomie loads of cash by getting energy-efficient bulbs, stopping vampire power leaching, and turning out every unused light like an obsessive-compulsive? Now comes a contest that will reward your eco-OCD — with more extra cash.

Apartments.com is having a Roommate of the Year contest, with "The Environmentalist" as one of the four categories. The grand prize? $10,000, plus a year's worth of free rent!

Now, this contest has three other categories, but IMHO (That's "in my humble opinion" for those who didn't catch it), "The Environmentalist" covers them all. Why? Let me explain what the other categories are:

>> "The Loveable Compulsive" is basically a roommate with slightly anal tendencies who makes sure all things in the apartment are running smoothly, which basically describes the average drip-fixing, fridge coil-cleaning environmentalist.

>> "The Purr-fect Pet Owner" actually recognizes the best pet owners (with the pet being the alleged roommate) — and what pet owner is better than the environmentalist who feeds their four-legged friends organic treats and gets them great eco-friendly cat litter?

>> "The All Star Roomie," for the overall awesome roommate — sounds to me like a roommate who makes the shared home greener while saving money on utility bills and grocery bills (by growing their own herbs and balcony garden edibles) too!

Think you qualify as the best eco-roomie ever? Nominate yourself by submitting a two-minute video this weekend; the contest closes at the end of the day on Monday, June 13. Best of luck!

Are you the greenest roommate of the year?
Do you turn off the lights that your roommate leaves on? Unplug your roommate's cellphone after it has charged up? Your eco-efforts could win you $10,000 and fr