When Hannah Garrison started creating bracelets from used guitar strings, she probably had no idea that it would turn into a huge fundraiser for charities around the world.

Years ago, the green design student answered a Craig's List ad posted by business executive Steve Bernstein asking whether anyone knew of any products that could be made from guitar strings. Garrison got in touch, the two brainstormed and the organization Wear Your Music was born.

Today, more than 150 artists like John Mayer, Eric Clapton and Pete Townshend donate their used guitar strings to help raise funds for charity.

“These are strings that these musicians have used and would normally throw away,” says Garrison, “It’s great that we can recycle them and also offer people a chance to wear rock 'n' roll on their wrists.”

One hundred percent of the bracelet proceeds are donated to charities like Carlos Santana’s Milagro Foundation and the Grateful Dead-affiliated Rex Foundation.

In honor of the upcoming holiday, Wear Your Music is offering a 20 percent discount on red and pink Valentine's fashion bracelets. Check out their full selection and donate some much-needed cash to charity by clicking here.

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Artists donate used guitar strings to charity
Wear a piece of musical history from the likes of John Mayer, Metallica, and others -- while helping support charities around the world.