Orange Sky laundry team for the homeless

The team from Orange Sky Laundry (Lucas Patchett kneeling at left and Nicolas Marchesei kneeling at right) bring free laundry cleaning opportunities to the streets of Brisbane, thanks to the donation and help of Richard Jay Laundry Equipment. (Photo: Orange Sky Laundry/Facebook)

Life on the streets is an unending struggle to meet basic needs that many of us take for granted. Fortunately, there are a number of organizations that specialize in offering food, shelter and medical care to the homeless. But there are few options that help the homeless keep their things clean, so two young men from Australia decided to address this need. Lucas Patchett and Nicholas Marchesi custom-created Orange Sky Laundry, a mobile laundromat for those who live on the streets.

Using an old van outfitted with a generator and two donated washers and dryers, the pair travel the streets of Brisbane, allowing the homeless to wash their clothes, blankets, and sleeping bags as necessary. The team estimates that the mobile set-up churns out roughly 44 pounds of clean laundry every hour.


Right now, Orange Sky Laundry operates five days a week in Brisbane. If it's successful, the group hopes to spread the venture throughout Australia. Patchett and Marchesi also hope to partner with local food groups so that patrons can get something to eat while their clothes are getting clean. 


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