Throughout her life, Lily Fardell was as well-known for her generosity as she was for the elegant tea parties that she held on the veranda of her Newcastle home in Australia. Now that she has passed, her magnanimity seems to know no bounds as she has bequeathed her $4.3 million estate in Newcastle to help local homeless children and their families.

It was no secret that Fardell loved children and was unable to have any of her own. She frequently donated to charities benefiting children. In her will, she left all proceeds from the sale of her portfolio, her home, and all of its contents to St. Vincent de Paul to spend on housing and programs to help the area's homeless children. (St. Vincent de Paul is part of a larger international Catholic organization dedicated to the sanctification of its members through serving the poor and disadvantaged.)

Lily Fardell's sitting roomPacific House in Newcastle is considered one of the area's most iconic and admired homesteads. (Photo:

Lily Fardell's beautiful homeFardell's home included many beautiful Victorian features such as this ornate mantel and fireplace. (Photo:

Her contribution marks the largest single donation ever given to St Vincent de Paul. Her home, a historic building named Pacific House, sold for $2.3 million in June. In September, the contents of the home were auctioned off. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, hundreds of people packed into the auction house on the day of the sale — most hoping to purchase a small memento by which to remember Fardell, who was know locally as the "Fair Lady of the Hill."

Lily Fardell's antiquesFardell's home was loaded with antiques, which were auctioned off to further benefit the area's homeless children. (Photo:

The sale of those items, combined with the sale of Fardell's home and portfolio, brought the total of her donation to a whopping $4.3 million. An amazing gift from what can only be described as an amazing woman who is sure to be thought of as highly in death as she was in life.

Woman bequeaths $4.3 million to Australia's homeless children
Lily Fardell left her home and all of its contents to a charity that will aid the area's homeless children and their families.