Still haven’t read Bill McKibben’s "Eaarth" — or my review of this scary but important book? Maybe a funny synopsis a la David Letterman will be easier for you to get through. McKibben was on Letterman last night, not only talking about the pressing climate change issues covered in his book, but also urging everyone to get involved with the 10/10/10 Global Work Party next month.

Watch the 11-minute clip to find out why he wants President Obama to put solar panels back on the White House, how individual actions relate to collective political actions — and what you can do to push politicians to make real progress on climate issues in October. By the end of the interview, you’ll probably be thinking what Letterman says: “Thank you for just scaring the crap out of me.”

Bill McKibben scares Letterman
'Eaarth' author Bill McKibben talks solar on the White House, political action, and climate change with a frightened yet funny Letterman.