Environmentalists are a motley group, from green MBAs who want to give corporations an eco conscience, to permaculture gardening, mushroom foraging types that want to check out of the capitalist system altogether. And Bioneers, an annual conference in San Rafael, Calif., brings all these green-minded people together every year for a three-day conference that covers everything from big business to fair labor to animal rights to seed exchanges.

Last year, MNN’s own tech blogger Karl Burkart shared his expertise in social media at Bioneers’ 20th anniversary conference. This year, Bioneers happens from October 15-17. Environmentalists and social activists will get to hear from eco-luminaries like primatologist and conservationist Jane Goodall, climate expert James Hansen, women’s activist Gloria Feldt, Stonyfield yogurt CE-Yo Gary Hirshberg, and Treepeople founder Andy Lipkis of Dirt! the Movie fame.

The many conference panels range from expected topics like environmental justice, fair trade, and wellness — to the surprising and unexpected like psychedelics research and ecopsychology. Plus, attendees will also get to participate in out-of-the-conference-room activities like an herb walk and a seed exchange.

I’m especially excited that this year’s Bioneers conference will focus on women’s leadership! I’ll be at thetalks and panels, sharing the conversations from the Marin Center. Register online to join me; the full conference fee is $495.

Bioneers: From permaculture to psychedelics
The annual conference in San Rafael, Calif., will focus on women's leadership this year, with talks from Jane Goodall and Gloria Feldt.