Need a new board game to play over the holidays? Greenpeace has an eco-themed one for you — and it’s free! Deepsea Desperation let’s you embrace your inner eco-activist — or secret eco-villain — and wage war over imaginary waters. Here’s how Greenpeace describes the game:

It’s Greenpeace vs. the Oil Company, trying to establish marine reserves in the very territory the other player wants to exploit. Through a mix of strategic lobbying, exploration, occupation, and reserve creation, one of you will triumph. But beware: too many blowouts and you’ll have a deepwater slaughter on your hands. And if you wipe out a species, you both lose.
All you need to do is grab a friend, download and print out the two-page PDF of the game, find a couple dice and a few dozen markers — then start playing, once you decide who gets to be Greenpeace and who’s stuck impersonating Big Oil. Which side would you rather play in this two-person game?
BP oil spill-inspired board game
Greenpeace's Deepsea Desperation lets you challenge a friend for domination over ocean territories. Will you play Greenpeace or Big Oil?