Want a garden of your own — but don’t have a backyard to convert? Long for a spot in your local community garden — but remain stuck on a long waiting list? On Sept. 25, you’ll have a chance to get your garden on — no plot of dirt required! That day, hundreds of Dig Ins will be happening around the country for would-be gardeners and locavores who want to get their hands dirty.

These events are organized by Slow Food USA, a nonprofit pushing for a more sustainable food system that gets people more connected to — and drawing more pleasure from — the food they eat. If you’re ready to Dig In, find an event near you on Slow Food USA’s website. You’ll get to do some good old-fashioned work in a local garden before indulging in a celebratory meal to cap the day.

New events are being added every day, but the ones already listed sound delicious. Cupertino, Calif., for example, will be celebrating with a TomatoBash — an heirloom tomato tasting party with more than 40 varieties of heirloom tomatoes — while Jamestown, Mo., will hold an “Everyone loves garlic!” planting and lunch at a local community supported agriculture farm.

Of course, if you’ve got a garden that could use some hands-on love, organizing your own Dig In can be a great way of getting free gardening help! Sign up to start a Dig In on Slow Food USA’s website, provide the details, and prepare for the arrival of volunteers on Sept. 25.

Break ground, break bread at a Dig In event
Join one of Slow Food USA's Dig In! events on Sep. 25 to garden with your neighbors -- before sharing a locavore-friendly meal.