Bicycling Brooklynites now have an eco-friendly mobile cafe of their two-wheeled dreams: Kickstand Coffee. Why settle for any old cup of coffee when you can get hand-crank ground coffee from a coffee stand that gets wheeled around town on refurbished bikes?

Kickstand Coffee gets its beans from local roasteries, with the goal to “cherry pick the best coffees going on in town at the moment,” as one of the three owners put it in an interview with Free Williamsburg. Since its debut mid-May, Kickstand’s gotten enthusiastic thumbs-up from many local blogs — including The New York Times’ Diner’s Journal.

Kickstand Coffee’s operation isn’t entirely human-powered, since the hot water for the coffee’s heated with propane or electricity. Still, the eco-element’s inspiring. In fact, according to the New York Daily News, the mobile shop has plans to hook up the grinder to a folding bike, giving people the options to bike-grind their own beans.

Find out where the coffee shop is by following @kickstandcoffee on Twitter. The drip coffee — which costs $2.50 a cup — ground and brewed a cup at a time. Apparently, the coffee’s served in disposable paper cups — so I dare MNN’s home blogger and Brooklynite Matt Hickman to head over with his reusable mug to try his luck at getting a waste-free cup.

Caffeinated brew for Brooklyn cyclists
Kickstand Coffee offers locally-roasted coffee ground with a hand-crank -- from a mobile coffee stand that gets wheeled around on refurbished bikes.