Whether you’re trying to constructively manage your anger about the BP oil spill or simply seeking the freedom to tweet in transit without killing yourself, sign up for the Weekend Without Oil and pledge to reduce your addiction to oil Aug. 21 – 22.

Transportation is obviously a big oil-sucker, but Weekend Without Oil actually challenges participants to go beyond the obvious. That means locavoring to keep your food travel footprint light — and saying no to plastic bags. So make sure you remember your reusable bags when you bike to your local farmers market!

Weekend Without Oil has 11 total actions. You can choose to look at them with a glass half-full or glass half-empty attitude. Debbie Downers may feel deprived when told to commit to buying no DVDs, clothes, or books for an entire weekend. But Pollyannas will plan to enjoy a day of free reading at the library, organizing a fashion swap for free new-to-you clothes, and treating themselves to a movie night at home.

Will you spend your Weekend Without Oil?

Can you survive a Weekend Without Oil?
Environmentalists are pledging to go oil free August 21 and 22. Are you up to the challenge?