September 22 is World Carfree Day, where all roads will suddenly be closed to cars and trucks, letting pedestrians and cyclists take over miles and miles of public spaces to run, ride, and play in.

Okay — That’s actually just what I fantasize World Carfree Day could look like, but in reality, the cars you see on your city’s roads every day are the same cars you’ll likely see tomorrow. That said, YOU have the opportunity to make the city different on World Carfree Day — by going car free for a day yourself!

Many MNNers are already car-lite and car-free folk, but for the car-free curious who need a little push, here are some inspirational links:

>> Barely use your car — but keep it around for emergencies? Sign up with Getaround to rent out your car and make money off of it when you’re not using it! The service is in Beta, but I’ve gone ahead and sign up — and hope to get an email soon when the company rolls out in my area. Visit Getaround for quick details. (via Treehugger)

>> Get inspired to bike more. Remember GOOD’s doodle project, “A Day with a Bike”? One Diane Foley won that doodling contest with a whimsical drawing — that includes a snail, a content cat, and free range cows!

>> Find out about World Carfree Day celebrations around the world. CityFix has a shortlist of car free events happening tomorrow — including a day full of bike rodeos, rallies and more in Chicago! If you’re in Sofia, Bulgaria, or Shanghai, China, at least parts of your city will be closed off to car traffic!

Celebrate World Carfree Day 9/22
Think outside the car this Wednesday and get to know your city close up by walking, biking, or riding public transit.