>> Pick up a free pumpkin. Some farmers markets -- like the Hollywood Farmers Market in Los Angeles -- are offering free pumpkins to children on Halloween! If you know a kid, drag the little one along to nab a free locally-grown pumpkin at the on Sunday.

>> Get a gigantic organic burrito for $2. Get Chipotle’s Boorio special by dressing up as a “horrifying processed food product” — and dropping by a Chipotle store after 6 pm on Halloween. You’ll get a burrito or other generous entree made with real food for just $2. (via Grist)

>> Go Trick-or-Treating. Work on your best kid voice, cut eyeholes in an old sheet and throw it over your head, then hit the streets. This upcycled costume trick will work best at masking your adult identity if you’re not too tall. If you’re reading this in Belleville, Ill., don’t follow my advice, as you could lose a grand. That town’s planning to fine adult trick-or-treaters.

>> Make money off uneaten candy. The Halloween Candy BuyBack program gets you $1 per pound of unwanted candy — if you drop it off at a participating dentist’s office. Just plug in your zip on the website, then make the drop on Nov. 1. No, the candy won’t be fed to kids visiting the dentist — The loot will be sent to U.S. troops overseas through nonprofits like Operation Gratitude. (via The Green Life)

>> Feeling way too selfish now? Use that money to buy Siel a present. Your favorite blogger’s birthday is Nov. 1! Here is her wish list.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Cheapskate's guide to a green Halloween
Think you don't have the money or time to celebrate an eco-friendly Halloween? Just follow MNN's lifestyle blogger's mostly tongue-in-cheek advice.