Lots of closet-cleansing challenges exist for the would-be wardrobe minimalist — but what if your clutter problem is in the garage. Or kitchen? Or bookshelves? And worse, what if you’re so overwhelmed by the clutter in your place that you can’t get yourself to tackle it?

If you find yourself in this clutter conundrum, consider joining A Thing A Day: A basic uncluttering challenge that requires you to get rid of one thing a day.

This challenge was started simply — by a forum member at a clutter-busting blog, Unclutterer, who posted the concept as a forum topic. The no-frills idea already has 59 people participating! They’ve gotten rid of everything from a “labor-saving” tub scrubber (“It never worked very well -- pads wouldn’t stay attached to velcro handle and it smelled funny”) to a too-heavy blanket (“once under it, you were pinned to the mattress”).

So try this reducing and reusing challenge for greener, leaner living this summer. Getting started is simple — just start getting rid of one thing a day. You decide how many days you want to get rid of things. How long do you think you could go before you declare your home clutter-free?

Clear clutter by joining A Thing A Day
Get organized by joining a simple uncluttering challenge -- that will have you getting rid of just one thing a day.