These days, with all the talk of fiscal responsibility inside the Beltway, one man is offering House Speaker John Boehner an opportunity save both money and energy. It comes in the form of water.

George S. Hawkins, the general manager of the District of Columbia’s Water and Sewer Authority, is offering to provide members of Congress with reusable water bottles and free water-quality testing in all congressional buildings. Hawkins’ letter, which can be seen here, says that in the first quarter of 2010, Congress spent $190,000 on bottled water.

Corporate Accountability International has even posted a petition on the social change website,, that calls for Boehner to “ditch bottled water and save taxpayer dollars.” That petition comes with a letter stating, “It's clear that bottled water is a wasteful part of the budget, in addition to being bad for the environment. What's more, bottled water isn't even necessarily better for your health.”

So now you can add government waste to the list of reasons to not drink bottled water. Of course if you are interested in that list you should probably check out this nifty slideshow, “5 Reasons not to Drink Bottled Water.” No word yet if Boehner has seen the slideshow or the petition.

Congress petitioned to quit drinking (bottled water)
Social change group says if Congress wants to save money, then it should top using bottled water.