Blogger Doug Matthews is sick of the way that Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier every year. Last year, his post, "Respect the Bird" urged readers to take back Thanksgiving so that Americans can enjoy the holiday in peace. His post became a national grassroots movement as folks around the country decided to "respect the bird" and hold off on Christmas shopping, planning and decorating until after Thanksgiving.

Once again this year, the Respect the Bird movement is in full swing, prompting articles, blog posts and images such as this Nordstrom sign ((pictured left) to go viral on Facebook.

But for every article I've seen urging folks to Respect The Bird, I've seen countless articles, blog posts and status updates from Americans who are simply itching to get out and shop.

Then came the news that for the first time, Black Friday will bleed over into the Thanksgiving holiday. Major retailers like Target, Macy's and Kohl's have announced they're starting their Black Friday sales at midnight on Nov. 25. Some stores and malls are even opening their doors on turkey day itself.

It's such a vicious cycle. In this struggling economy, retailers feel the need to open earlier to capture holiday sales. And shoppers hit the stores earlier to be sure they don't miss out on the best deals. Store owners and employees complain because they have to work right through Thanksgiving; and shoppers complain because they have to dash through the holiday to be ready to hit the stores. When is it time to say enough is enough?

In my house, our tradition is that we don't start thinking about Christmas until after Thanksgiving is over. And I don't mean that we start making shopping lists as we put away the turkey. I mean that we don't do any major shopping, planning or decorating until the Thanksgiving weekend is over. I like to savor my holidays one at a time. And I've always found that when I start after Thanksgiving, I have plenty of time to get ready for Christmas. It's only when things creep earlier does the whole season whip into a frenzy that somehow can't be contained in one month.

Where do you stand on Christmas creep? Do you prefer to "Respect The Bird," or are you ready to hit the stores the moment the dinner dishes are cleared?

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