This is a good week to eat out and enjoy a glass of tap water in celebration of World Water Day. That’s because UNICEF’s Tap Project has teamed up with restaurants across the country to give diners an easy way to help address the world water crisis. From March 20 to March 26 at participating restaurants, a glass of good old H2O will cost you a buck — with the money going to projects that make clean water available to those who don’t have it.

I love how this UNICEF project not only draws attention to the world water crisis but also encourages people to opt for tap water — and appreciate the privilege of having access to clean water all the time, practically for free. The money you give this year will go specifically to projects in Togo, the Central African Republic and Vietnam.

Find participating restaurants near you on the UNICEF Tap Project site. Eat locally, act globally.

Drink tap water, give clean water
Dine at a restaurant participating in The UNICEF Tap Project this week and enjoy a glass of tap water for $1 — money that goes towards clean water programs.