Want pretty, personalized cards to mail out — but can't afford the high-end recycled letterpress cards from boutique green companies? Try Paper Culture. This online stationery store offers personalized cards at an affordable price — without compromising eco-ethics!

I discovered Paper Culture at the BlogHer '11 conference — where most companies in the expo hall hawked super-processed snacks and plasticky toys. So stepping into Paper Culture's booth felt like arriving at a unique green oasis! This company's cards and envelopes are all made with 100-percent post-consumer recycled paper — that's FSC-certified to boot. Plus, the company mails out its orders in recycled packaging and plants a tree for every order it receives.

And the designs are quite cute, printed on clean, sturdy stock. I got to pick up a few free blank samples — postcard-style thank you cards and invitations minus the personalization. Seeing how cute those are, I wish I could just pick up more of these blanks from the Paper Culture web store for a personalization-free lower price. But for better or for worse, Paper Culture's business is personalized cards — so the blanks would cost as much as the customized options.

Interested in sending out eco-friendly invites and announcements? The price per card ranges from $1.39 to $2.59, depending on how many total cards you order. The extra bonus: Paper Culture offers a free mail and message service — so you can have the company address and directly send out all the cards for you for just the cost of postage.

Eco-friendly customized cards
Need personalized stationery or paper event invites? Paper Culture offers customized cards printed on 100-percent recycled, FSC-certified paper.