My favorite dinnerware was free, thanks to my local Freecycle network. About six years ago now, a woman sent an email to the group offering free ceramic plates and bowls — and I snatched them up. The saved-from-the-landfill dinnerware’s been getting good use since — and will now be even popular in my home than ever — because I finally got matching napkins.

Dream Green Organics is a new company based in Penn Valley, Calif., that makes handsewn, organic cotton table linens affordable. Love Amenity’s classy organic cotton goods but can’t afford to pay $50 for four napkins? Dream Green Organics also makes gorgeous organic cotton napkins dyed with non-toxic, earth-friendly dyes and processes — sewn by Laura Knapp, the owner of Dream Green Organics herself — and offers them for $28 per 4-pack.

I chose “The Meadow” black and white pattern to go with my freecycle dinner set — and love how the two look made for each other. And though I still have to iron them after a wash to get them looking as spiffy as they did on arrival, Dream Green Organics’ napkins also wrinkle a lot less than the hemp napkins I own — those Ecolution napkins are eco-friendly too, but refuse to wash and dry without scrunching up into an angry fabric ball.

Dream Green Organics The Meadownapkin

Dream Green Organics‘ napkins arrive minimally packaged — simply tied up with hemp twine! The company also offers other handsewn table linens, as well as bed linens and shower curtains — and a selection of other home decor and gift items.

Eco-luxe table linens made affordable
Dream Green Organics offers luxurious organic cotton table and bed linens -- handsewn in California -- at won't-break-your-bank prices.