How can we get teenagers to stop futzing around on Facebook and start taking environmental action? I don’t know, but the people at have an idea: Let teenagers take environmental action — on Facebook.

That’s the idea behind eMission, a new Facebook game that combines quizzes, virtual “ecotours,” wildlife tending, and even eco-friendly actions IRL to let teens learn and act on environmental issues — while challenging their Facebook friends to do so too. Created with the help of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program — and with the star power of actress and environmental activist Sophia Bush — eMission’s goal’s a hopeful one that seeks to use social networking for environmental good.

I tried playing eMission to see how well I’d do on a teen game — but got demoralized when I found out that the game often pushes the player off to take quizzes on the EPA Climate Change KIDS site! Now, it’s been a while since I was a teenager, but I remember those uncomfortable years as a time when I longed to be treated as an adult, not as a 10-year-old!

So I’m not sure how much favor eMission will find with actual teenagers. I am proud, however, to say I got a perfect score on The EPA Climate Change Kids “Climate Change Quiz“!

eMission: Facebook Eco-game for teens
Actress Sophia Bush is behind the new Facebook game that tries to get teens to take action to combat climate change -- without leaving Facebook.