Is your iPod on the fritz? Before you buy a new iPod to replace it, save yourself some money and try fixing it with a little help from iFixit. This newly revamped website has wiki-style manuals to fix all manner of electronics — including iPods. In fact, already has eight separate repair manuals for the first generation iPod Nano alone, to address problems ranging from a dead battery to a faulty click wheel. (via Wired Gadget Lab)

iFixit’s revamp basically encourages electronics users to reduce and reuse by fixing — to fight planned obsolescence. No longer do you have to assume that you’ll have to replace your gadget every few years. In a video about iFixit, co-founder Kyle Wiens talks about how we could cut the amount of e-waste we produce by half if we simply employed some DIY skills to double the useful lives of our electronics.

Kyle’s efforts are motivated by the health and environmental problems caused by e-waste. Much of our junk electronics are shipped over to countries with less stringent environmental regulations — to be scavenged, cracked open, and burned by children as young as 6 years old in an attempt to mine precious metals. This scavenging process involves materials and chemicals that are hazardous to human health as well as the environment.

Watch Kyle’s video above to find out more about why you should care about reducing e-waste, then use iFixit whenever a gadget breaks to extend the life of your electronic device. And of course, once the gadget is really no longer fixable, take it back to the manufacturer or retailer’s recycling program or to a reputable e-waste disposal facility to ensure the now-dead gadget is taken apart and recycled in an environmentally safe manner.

Fix your own gadgets with iFixit
Revamped website provides free wiki-style fix-it manuals. Double the life of your gadget, halve your e-waste, and save money, too.