If you’re like me, you’re not yet ready for the holidays — though you’ve been a few of your friends’ holiday parties already. If getting holiday-ready is on your to-do list for this weekend, this quartet of helpful articles should help keep things green and merry:

How green are your charitable gift cards? Beth Terry of Fake Plastic Fish has the lowdown. “I compared the policies of five major charitable gift card organizations to figure out which ones were actually giving the most money to the intended recipient and whose policies seemed the most eco-friendly.”

What’s the greenest way to cook up classic holiday fare? In Slate, Brian Palmer considers the carbon footprint of boiling, microwaving, baking, and shredding potatoes and other holiday favorites.

Have presents, but nothing to wrap them in? Reuse your old drink containers as gift boxes by following the directions at Re-Nest.

All those greening efforts and DIY projects stressing you out? At Blogher, Shannon Hyland shares her Steps for a smaller, saner holiday season. “It’s easier — and more rewarding — than you might think,” she says.

Get holiday-ready this weekend
Find out how to pick out the greenest gift cards, create upcycled gift boxes, and adapt your favorite holiday recipes to greener cooking methods.