Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Whether you're working, volunteering, or both on this national day of service, here are some MLK Day-related posts from around the green blogosphere to energize and inspire you:

I have a dream of delicious pecan pie. At Grist, Bonnie Azab Powell shares her grandma’s pie recipe. “The Internets tell me that pecan was King’s favorite pie, as it is mine.”

I have a dream of a fantastic public transportation system. TheCityFix reminds us: “Many of the most visible protests of American segregation laws in the 1950s and ’60s appeared on public buses…. As we pay tribute to the past, it’s important to remember that disparities still exist in public transportation.”

I have a dream to do good even if I have to work today. MNN’s own Robin Shreeves shares five ways you can serve, even if you don’t get the day off.

I have a dream of many community gardens. Grist’s Tom Philpott shares a speech he gave at Duke University’s Sara P. Duke Garden: “I doubt that Dr. King found much time to hang out among the flower buds, but I don’t doubt he would have approved of the practice of community gardening.”

What are your green dreams today?

Green dreams for MLK Day
The green blogosphere's full of dreams and hopes for this Martin Luther King., Jr. Day. What environmental dreams do you have for this day of service?