Do 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper cards just not look recycled enough for you these days?

Sure, you’re happy that green technology has progressed enough to make 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper whitened with non-chlorine bleach and printed with nontoxic, biodegradable veggie-based inks look just as good as the forest-destroying, waterway-polluting, toxic stuff. But if the two look interchangeable, how is anyone — especially the card recipient you’re trying to teach an eco-lesson — supposed to tell the difference?

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Enter Green Field Paper Company’s 100% Junk Mail cards. The eco-conscious paper products company has come out with a line of cards crunchy enough to satisfy environmentalists who want to touch and feel proof of recycling. Pick up one of Green Field’s 100% Junk Mail cards, and you’ll see half-recycled bits of paper proudly clinging to the face of your paper goods.

Handmade with recycled bulk mail and post consumer waste paper, Green Field’s cards bear the markings of their raw materials. Random bits of colored fibers, printed letters, and even price tags add texture and text to these cards. And in case the card recipient missed the message, the back of each card expounds on its environmental goals in small-print detail.

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From a design standpoint, I would have loved it if Green Field had embraced and utilized the partially recycled look of its cards more fully. A dada-esque poetic use of the text from its upcycled papers could actually look crunchy-chic — and could get the same green message across as the more overt recycling symbols (count them — 18!) circulating around Green Field's thank you card.

That said, Green Field also offers eco-friendly cards with messages that aren’t overtly eco-preachy. Find them at Green Field’s online store; a 4-pack of 100% Junk Mail cards costs $14.95.

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Greeting cards embedded with recycling proof
Green Field Paper Company's new 100% Junk Mail cards are made extra chunky -- embedded with proof of its post-consumer raw materials.