On Sept. 23, Clayton and Brittany Cook had a storybook wedding on a beautiful day in Victoria Park in Kitchener, Ontario. After they said their I do's, their wedding photographer, Darren Hatt of Hatt Photography, led them to the river so he could snap a few scenic shots of the newlyweds. It was there that the priorities of the moment changed. Clayton noticed a young boy struggling in the river, so he sprung into action to save him.

According to Clayton, he was standing close by as Hatt snapped some solo shots of Brittany. That's when he noticed that a young boy — who had apparently been accidentally pushed into the river by his siblings — was seriously struggling in the water. Without a second thought, Clayton ran over and jumped into the water to scoop up the young boy and get him to dry land.

It all happened quickly.

"It was a commendable thing that he did, and he sprung into action incredibly quick," Hatt told local news affiliate WAFB. "Almost as soon as I realized what was going on, he had already saved the day."

Hatt snapped a few shots of the incident that he posted to Facebook.

As you might expect, reactions to Clayton's quick response are overwhelmingly positive, with many calling Clayton a hero and offering their heartfelt thanks for his actions. The boy was safe and was later led away by an older sibling. And everyone is just happy that Clayton and Brittany's wedding day had the fairy tale ending it was meant to have.

Clayton and Brittany Cook Fortunately, Hatt captured this sweet moment with Clayton and Brittany before the groom jumped into the river. (Photo: Hatt Photography/Facebook)

Groom saves drowning boy on wedding day
Clayton Cook saw a young boy struggling in the river on his wedding day, so he jumped in to save him — and the wedding photographer captured the moment.