If you think there's nothing you can do to affect change in the world today, it's time you heard Ashley Ford's story.

With just one tweet, Ford helped launch a movement to ensure that all kids get access to school lunch. She simply asked people to pay off student lunch debts at their local schools — and boy, did it work. Thousands of dollars later, Ford's tweet has helped wipe the slate clean for students all over the country.

Here's the tweet that launched the movement:


The school cafeteria is no place for the faint of heart

At many school districts, students who have unpaid balances on their school lunch accounts have their lunches taken away (and wasted) or they take cheese sandwiches in place of the hot lunch until their debts are paid. Some groups are working hard to end "lunch shaming" policies, but in the meantime, new stories emerge everyday about kids who go hungry rather than face the embarrassment of the school cafeteria.

Ford's tweet hit home with so many people because it offered people a simple, easy way to affect change in a world that seems to need a whole lot of support. At last count, Ford's tweet has been directly responsible for raising more than $157,000 to pay off student lunch debts across the U.S., from Bellevue, Washington to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Here are some of responses Ford's tweet generated:

Ford's push — just a simple request in less than 140 characters — snowballed into a movement that gave tweeters a simple and effective way to act. And they responded by doing just that.

Think you don't have the time/money/energy to make a difference? Looks like now you do.

How one tweet launched a movement to pay off school lunch debts for kids
With just one tweet, Ashley Ford helped launch a movement to ensure that all kids get access to school lunch by asking folks to pay off student lunch debts.