Over the weekend, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake shook the country of Nepal, killing thousands of people and destroying the homes and livelihoods of millions more. Search and rescue efforts are underway, but the country, already struggling with poverty, has been devastated. Facebook and Google have launched their social media platforms — Safety Check in Facebook and People Finder in Google — to help victims touch base with friends and family around the world. A number of charities are also sending teams to the area to help locate survivors and victims, provide medical care to those injured by the earthquake, and hand out emergency supplies to the millions who have been displaced by the earthquake and its powerful aftershocks.

Want to help? Here's how to give directly to the organizations on the ground now in Nepal:

The Red Cross

The Nepal Red Cross is heading up relief efforts for the country. You can donate directly at this link, or donate to the American Red Cross and select Nepal Earthquake Relief on the donation page.


The U.N. children's agency, UNICEF, is on the ground in Nepal, helping millions of people who have been displaced by the quake. The agency is preparing two cargo flights to Kathmandu filled with humanitarian supplies including medical and hospital supplies, tents and blankets. Donate to the group's Nepal Earthquake fund here.

Oxfam International

Oxfam is focusing on getting clean water, sanitation, and emergency supplies to the areas of Nepal most affected. "Communication is currently very difficult. Telephone lines are down and the electricity has been cut off, making charging mobile phones difficult. The water is also cut off," country director Cecilia Keizer said in a statement. Donate directly to the group's relief efforts in Nepal here.

Doctors Without Borders

This agency is sending medical staff and supplies, including emergency surgical teams, to Nepal. Donate here.

The United Nations World Food Programme

An emergency donation to the World Food Programme will help this agency supply food to those in need.

Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps is working with the Nepal Red Cross to help distribute essential household supplies, shelter kits and tarps. Mercy Corps has 90 staffers on the ground in Nepal, some of whom have lost their homes in the quake. Donate directly to the group's earthquake relief fund here.

Save The Children

This agency has staff in 63 districts in Nepal, handing out emergency kits, sanitation supplies and other essentials. You can donate online to directly support the Nepal Children's Emergency Relief Fund.


AmeriCares has sent a team directly to the impact zone of the quake, bringing medical aid to the injured and emergency supplies to survivors. You can help by donating online to their disaster relief fund.

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