Ever had an eco-ironic moment? An example: Back when I lived in Santa Monica, I took a walk around the block and turned back into the alleyway behind my apartment to see a woman slowly sorting the recyclables from the trash and depositing them in the correct bins — with the engine to her giant SUV running. This is not the green way to clean out your car!

Now comes a funny short film about another eco-ironic moment. Directed by and starring Felicity Huffman, “Lesster” shows parents so focused on getting their child to an Earth Day parade that they don’t see any of their own wasteful habits around the home. The child — dressed up as “Lesster” the solar-powered superhero — tries to correct their ungreen ways — and gets scolded for it!

The film was made as part of Liberty Mutual’s The Responsibility Project, described by the company as “a place to think about — and discuss — what it means to do the right thing.” The end of “Lesster” does bring up a conundrum often posed by some environmentalists — the charge that working on making personal green changes can take the focus away from pushing for larger, policy changes. Do you buy the argument from Felicity’s character? Or do you want to be more like Lesster?
'Lesster': Felicity Huffman's eco-film
A funny short film stars Lesster, the solar-powered super hero kid who corrects the know-it-all parents' less-than-green habits.