Ready to have your mind blown by some facts about bottled water?

Start with this one: Americans consumed almost 10 billion plastic bottles of water in 2012. 10 BILLION! We know what kind of havoc these bottles wreak when they hit the landfill, or worse still, wind up in the ocean. Not to mention the waste that's created when these bottles are produced. So why do we continue to use them?

Yeah, I know they are easy. I will readily admit to snagging a few plastic water bottles when I've been in a rush or forgotten my reusable bottle. But after looking at this infographic from Factory Direct Promos, I don't even think I can justify doing that anymore. I don't want my bottle to be one portion of the 1.6 billion pounds of plastic that wind up in the ocean each year.

The next time you're tempted to reach for a plastic water bottle, think about this:

Eco Friendly Bottles

Making sense of bottled water [Infographic]
Check this out before you reach for that bottled water. Why not fill up from the tap instead?