March Madness season is upon us, and nonprofits are taking advantage of the spirit of competition to put a unique new spin on their fundraising.  

Brackets for Good, a newish nonprofit organization based in Indiana, hopes to capitalize on this month's college basketball rivalry with some healthy competition to raise money for charities. The idea is similar to the brackets used in March Madness, but instead of Duke and Florida State on the lines, you'll see nonprofits such as the Indiana Blind Children's Foundation or Meals on Wheels of Hamilton County.  

Brackets for Good is the brainchild of Matt McIntyre and Matt Duncan — Indianapolis residents who thought up the idea three years ago while watching Butler University reach the national championship game for the second year running. They wondered how they could bottle up all of the buzz the city was feeling and use it as a positive force for charity.

In 2012, they launched Brackets for Good and raised $32,000 for eight charity "teams"  using the March Madness bracket model. Last year, they raised about $85,000 for 16 charities. This year, they have 64 teams competing, and are hoping to raise upwards of $500,000.

Want to get involved? Visit Brackets for Good to check out the charities and put your money on any one of the teams. Unlike the basketball brackets, you can feel pretty confident that no matter which organization you choose, you will come out a winner.

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