So you would eat local — if you had time to shop at the farmers market or pick up a CSA box — never mind growing an edible garden at home. Now, lazy locavores in Los Angeles have a hassle-free green gardening solution: The Home Grow Micro Farm.

This organic mini garden is for the truly lazy environmentalist with little space and even less time. The garden gets delivered as a box to your home and set up with an automatic watering system for you. Beyond looking in on the box occasionally, you need not do anything except eat the bounty once it grows.

What do you need to get this do-it-itself edible garden? Enough sunny space for a 4″x1″ Micro Farm box, an outdoor spigot to attach to the auto watering system, and at least $160. That sum will get you two Micro Farm boxes of your choice — be it a tomato box that can produce more than 200 tomatoes or a salad box that’ll feed you leafy greens for several months — delivered and installed in your home. About a month later, start eating!

Will your hard work growing your Micro Farm save you money on organic produce? Probably not, but you won’t exactly putting in hard work either. Certainly, you can have organic, home-grown fresh produce on the cheap — if you work for it. If you get Micro Farm, you’ll be paying to let a company less lazy than you to do the work.

That said, some of the Micro Farm boxes could indeed end up saving you a little cash.

“There is no doubt that you could buy broccoli at the store or at the farmers market for cheaper than you can grow it with Home Grow’s service,” says Lucas Brower, founder of Home Grow Micro Farms. But if you have a habit of buying those plasticky $4 packs of herbs at Whole Foods — then letting them rot in the fridge only to run out and buy more the next week — the Micro Farm herb box could actually end up saving you money — and a lot of plastic waste.

Lucas also points out that Home Grow keeps things fresh, local, organic, and packaging-free — all bonuses that go beyond the simple sticker price of the produce. Plus, there’s the unexpected joy of growing your own food — even if you’ve done pretty much no gardening work to contribute to nature’s bounty.

Different boxes are available on different months, so Home Grow customers always eat in season. During December, Angelenos can enjoy cabbage, beets, carrots, peas, squash and broccoli — plus herbs, salad greens and other leafy veggies. If you’ve got the space and sun, get a pair of boxes or more online — and start stress-free “gardening” this winter.

Micro farms delivered for lazy locavores
Home Grow Micro Farms delivers mini edible gardens to Angelenos so they can enjoy the garden's fresh bounty without doing any gardening.