They may be addicted to gadgets and less likely volunteer, but a new study has found some good news about the up and coming generation of millennials - they are very generous to charities.

According to research conducted by the United Nations Foundation, almost 9 out of 10 millennial kids in the U.S. gave to a charity at least once during the two year period the researchers asked about.  More than half of the kids gave in both years.

The study didn't focus on how much the kids gave, rather on whether or not they gave it all.  Researchers asked kids, ages 8 to 19, if they had given "some of your money ... if only a few pennies," to a church, synagogue or another nonprofit in 2002. This question and others were repeated for 2007.

The study also found that kids whose parents to them about the importance of giving were 20 more likely to give to charity than those whose parents didn't have that discussion.  That statistic held firm even if the parents themselves did not give to charity.  

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