100-mile dieters — One woman’s making your locavoring efforts look weak! That female’s Vicki Robin, who’s hyperlocavoring and sharing the details about her uber-green meals at My 10-Mile Diet.

Now to be fair, Vicki’s got it easier than most — The lucky Whidbey Island, Wa. resident has a neighbor who runs a CSA program! And Vicki’s given herself a little wiggle room, allowing herself some exceptions from outside the 10-mile radius. Vicki’s managed to shape those four exceptions into rather broad categories: oil (any kind, I’m assuming), salt (plus five other spices), caffeine (which makes coffee and tea fair game, but for some reason, not cacao), and lemons.

Still, the 10-mile diet restrictions are pretty tight — and Vicki seems to be eating well nonetheless. She’s enjoying homemade butter and cheese — even a local beef stir fry. Of course, she gets cravings for non 10-mile foods too:

Yesterday i was stressed to the max and when I’m stressed I need CRUNCH. I chowed down on an asian pear and zuke chips and green beans and would have given anything for some crackers and nuts.
Vicki’s actually the co-author of one of my favorite books, Your Money or Your Life. Follow her blog, either at Vicki’s own site or on Yes! magazine‘s, to find out what Vicki eats, how she feels — and see if she loses weight or lowers her cholesterol while she’s at it.

Lest 100-mile dieters feel annoyed that their efforts aren’t “good enough,” rest assured that Vicki isn’t saying that a 10-mile diet is a goal everyone should be pursuing. After all, Vicki herself only plans to stay on this diet for a month. “I am not parading this as virtue. Or for hyper local bragging rights,” she writes in her inaugural post. “It’s simply being fascinating to set a tight constraint and see what shows up in my mind about it.”

My 10 Mile Diet: A Hyperlocavore's blog
Vicki Robin's blogging her month-long resolution to eat only food produced within a 10-mile radius of her home in Whidbey Island, Wa.