I’m expecting a package in the mail today. It’s Nora Ephron’s latest book, “I Remember Nothing.” I didn’t buy it from Barnes & Noble or Amazon. I used Swap.com and swapped a book I didn’t want anymore for it. The cost to me? A little more than $3.

On Swap.com, members can swap books, video games, movies, and music, and the website is encouraging its members to swap more than those items on the first ever National Swap Day, this Saturday, Jan. 22, 2010. Members are encouraged to show the world that “swapping is the new shopping” at several swap events across the country. Not all events are on Jan. 22, but several are.

Swappers can find information about a clothing and book exchange in Phoenix, a Stop ‘n’ Swap (where anything easily portable can be swapped) in Manhattan, a Fashion Swap Party in Atlanta, several soup swaps going on across the country, and more on the National Swap Day website.

If you know of any swaps happening in your area, whether they are officially part of National Swap Day or not, let us know about them in the comments.

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National Swap Day
Join people all over the country on Jan. 22 for the first official day of swapping stuff.