My favorite energy bars are the super simple kind — the ones that somehow use just a handful of fruit and nut ingredients to create something delicious. If you’ve got my taste in bars, I’ve got bad news for you: The Weil by Nature’s Path Organic bars have been discontinued!

Apparently, not everyone loves simplicity as much as we do. On the upside, the organic food company Nature’s Path introduced some new granola bars this spring. These bars have much longer ingredient lists than the Weil bars — but do use the yummy, organic ingredients Nature’s Path cereals are known and loved for.

Of the eight flavors, my favorite bars are the Trail Mix duo Pumpkin-n-Spice and Sunny Hemp — both of which are deliciously studded with whole pumpkin or sunflower seeds. The yogurt bars — each iced with a sweet and tart yogurty coating — are a little too sweet for my taste, but could make a healthier dessert substitute. The Lotta’ Apricotta flavor’s an especially fragrant and fruity twist on good old granola bars.

Peanut butter lovers like me will likely wish for a little more more peanut flavor in the Peanut Buddy and Peanut Choco bars, though the mix of salty and sweet in these crunchy granola bars are still delicious. Just don’t leave the bars in the heat, as many have sweet frosting-like coatings that tends to melt.

Nature's Path granolabars

Each bar has about 140 calories, with 10 – 12 grams of sugar. Find them at your local natural food store -- or buy them online for $4.29 per box of 5 bars.

Nature's Path cereals: Now available to go
Fans of Nature's Path cereals can now enjoy the same flavors on the go with the company's new organic granola bars.