Californian environmental groups are hard at work rallying to defeat Prop. 23 — a ballot initiative that would put a halt to California’s landmark global warming law (AB 23) — and now these groups can rap as they organize! The No on Prop 23 campaign got a new soundtrack, thanks to Beat Rock Music artists who are making their new track, “No On Prop 23,” free for Internet download!

I found out about the song through an e-mail from the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, which is currently running a green collar jobs campaign — a campaign that would be badly hurt if Prop. 23 passed. The center says it worked with Beat Rock Music for the new track, created by The CounterParts, Otayo Dubb, Power Struggle, Somos One of BRWN BFLO, and Damn Pete of Think Tank.

It’s pretty catchy — especially for a song that deals with cancer and asthma! Some sample lyrics:

I’ve got a lung capacity
smaller than it has to be
see that’s what happens when you grow up by gas factories
Listen to the whole track — and if you like it, download it for free and listen to it on your way to vote!

'No on Prop 23': The song
Can a political song about pollution, asthma, and cancer still be catchy? MNN's lifestyle blogger thinks so.