I’ve visited New York thrice this year -- and each time, I noted how the Big Apple has gotten so much better for bicyclists and pedestrians. Now comes a short video that illustrates what has changed.

Made by EMBARQ, the World Resources Institute’s Center for Sustainable Transport, the video provides a heart-warming overview of the recent changes in New York that have created better bike infrastructure, pleasant pedestrian plazas and more efficient buses (via Grist).

Back on the West Coast, I'm proud to say that Los Angeles recently celebrated CicLAvia, when seven miles of streets were closed off to cars to make room for pedestrians and cyclists. Sadly, that day came and went — and as of yet, L.A.'s bicycle infrastructure is not as robust as New York's. We're working on it though! How does the bike infrastructure in your city compare to New York's? (Portlanders, feel free to brag in the comments.)
NYC embraces life outside the car
A short video encapsulated the many pedestrian and bicyclist-friendly changes in the Big Apple -- benefiting people, businesses, and the environment.