Pick Up America is a beautiful project of four people walking across the country picking up trash on the way. They're inviting people to join them as they walk and so far, after more than a year, have picked up 118,589 pounds of trash over 1,105 miles.

The Pick Up Artists, as they call themselves, average around 6-7 miles per day of road travelled and have used an RV and now an old school bus as a support vehicle. They have done a great job of documenting their work and have a comprehensive collection of data about their impact.

The Pick Up Artists produced a great video explaining what they are up to in 2011, give it a watch.

Check out the Pick Up America website to learn more about this awesome project.

They expect to wrap up their adventure sometime in November 2012.

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Pick Up Artists walk across the country picking up trash
The Pick Up Artists are a group of young people who are literally walking across the country picking up roadside trash as they go.