Earlier today, I read the green New Year’s resolutions from The Nature Conservancy’s staff — and I have to say I was a little too intimidated to adopt them (aside from the no plastic bag rule, which I’m proud to say I’ve already conquered). Why? Most of the resolutions last all year — which means if I slip up in, say, January, I’d have to declare failure for 2011!

So for those who, like me, prefer to set more timed goals and declare resolution victory early in the year, here are a few suggestions:

Unclutter your life in one week. This resolution not only lasts just a week, but is made easier by a new handy step-by-step-guide, now available as a book titled, you guessed it, “Unclutter Your Life in One Week.” Get the clutter out — while feeling good about reducing, sharing the stuff you don’t need with neighbors, giving away goods to charity, or as a last resort, recycling.

Make a green film in 48 hours. TriplePundit reports that the 48 Hour Film Project is going green in one of the competitions — 48 Go Green. To participate, simply write, shoot, and edit an environmentally themed film — within 48 hours! If your film’s chosen as the winner, your work will be screened at Cannes. The competition begins Feb. 18, 2011 at 7 pm and ends 48 hours later. Sign up now to be part of the competition — and good luck!

Swap out your disposable razor for an electric shaver. All you’ll need to do is make a shopping trip to buy an electric shaver if you don’t have one already to force yourself to make this slightly more eco-friendly habit a reality for 2011. That said, the switch won’t make a very dramatic eco-difference. According to Slate, “the electric shaver beats the more eco-friendly disposables by a margin of 14.9 pounds of carbon dioxide” — the equivalent of driving your car a mere 16 miles. For bigger green results, resolve to stop shaving in the shower in 2011 — though that resolution will take 365 days of commitment to accomplish….

Have you made any quick green New Year’s resolutions for 2011? Share them in the comments.

Quick green New Year's resolutions
Not up for a year-long green resolution? Try one of these quick eco-challenges for 2011 and declare your resolution resolved early in the year.