Warning: You will need tissues to watch this video. I know I needed them to write this post.


Last year, I told you about Rachel Beckwith, the sweet 9-year-old with the generous birthday wish to raise $300 for the organization charity:water, so that children on the other side of world could have clean water to drink.  Rachel fell just short of her goal but was determined to try harder next year. Tragically, Rachel never got the chance. She was killed in a car accident one month after her ninth birthday. But when news spread about her birthday wish, people from around the world stepped up to make that it was granted. Rachel raised more than $1.2 million for charity:water after her death.


Recently, on the one-year anniversary of Rachel’s death, the staff from charity:water took Rachel's mom and grandparents to Ethiopia to visit some of the 60,000 people Rachel helped with her fund.


Go get your tissues and watch the video:

Rachel's gift: One year later
Watch as Rachel Beckwith's mother visits some of the 60,000 people helped by the charitable contributions made in honor of her daughter.