Procrastinators: I’ve got good news for you. Last year, I wrote about the Christmas Light Recycling Program — which offered not only free recycling for your old, inefficient holiday lights but also a coupon for 15 percent off new efficient LED holiday lights. Some of you took advantage of that program in 2009! If so, this post isn’t for you.

But for those of you who remember reading that post last year — and putting off the recycling task until late December — before finally just reusing your old, inefficient holiday lights another year because an order for new LED lights wouldn’t have made it to your house before the holiday celebrations ended — your lazy ways are now going to be rewarded.

How? has upped the discount, from 15 percent in 2009 to 25 percent in 2010! Recycle this year, and you’ll get an even sweeter deal on energy-efficient LED lights.

To take advantage of this deal, pack your lights with a note with your name and email address to, Attn: Recycling Program, 118 Rosehill Dr., Suite 1, Jackson, MI 49202. Soon afterwards, you’ll get a 25% off coupon code emailed to you to use on

Now, I know some math-happy readers who are energy efficiency gurus will quibble with me here. I’m portraying this 25 percent discount as a better deal, but the 2009 deal-takers who got the 15 percent discount certainly must have saved some money on their electric bill last winter — a savings that could be greater than the extra discount the procrastinators may be getting this year!

That may very well be — but if you’re a procrastinator who’s still got old inefficient holiday lights, I suggest not procrastinating further by calculating out the exact savings of the 2009 deal versus the 2010 deal — and instead just mailing in the old lights and getting new efficient LEDs, once and for all. It’s still October, so you’ve got no excuse if you’re still got old lights running up your electric bill this December!

Recycle holiday lights for a green discount
Save on your electricity bill this winter by getting new LED lights -- at a 25% discount, if you recycle your old inefficient holiday lights.