Having just moved cross-country, I know first-hand exactly how wasteful and resource-intensive moving can be — even though I was as diligent as I could be about waste. It was pretty frustrating to fill bags with garbage (I think I threw away more stuff over a two-week period than I had all year), but since moving is stressful enough, I figured I just had to get on with it and recycled as much as I could. I wished there was a better way to move. 

Enter Movers Not Shakers, a New York City-based thinking-person's moving company; they lend reusable bins called GothamBoxes to their clients, so there's no cardboard-box waste; since 2007, the company has run their trucks on biodeisel; and they buy carbon offsets too.

Recently, they collaboratied with Wearable Collections to reduce the impact of moving even more: Now the company provides giant cloth bags that can be filled with unwanted clothes (most people get rid of a lot of old clothing when they move; I did!), which is not only a good way to avoid adding to the 400 millions pounds of textiles that go to landfills each year, but makes life easier for the movers as well. (And if you've ever done a big move, you know how valuable that can be.)

"Moving can be stressful enough," says Adam Baruchowitz, CEO of Wearable Collections. "Maybe we can ease some of that burden by allowing [clients] to leave their clothing in the corner of their apartment. Then Movers Not Shakers will collect those items and we'll distribute those clothes around the world," he said.

The goal is to remove 100,000 pounds of clothing from the waste stream in 2014 with this collaboration. 

"The idea is to reduce the amount of waste — in moving, and living — in the way we conduct ourselves," says Movers Not Shakers CEO Mark Ehrhardt. This kind of scheme makes so much sense, it makes you wonder why most moving companies aren't doing it already. 

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Reusable boxes & clothing donation: The smart, sustainable way to move
Movers Not Shakers and Wearable Collections collaborate on smarter solutions for moving day.