A few months ago I wrote a review of the Blissmo Box, a new service that delivers a box of assorted greener goods to your doorstep for $22/month. The monthly boxes are full of things like fair trade sugar, organic teas and natural energy bars.


The Conscious Box is another entry in this same field. This company's monthly offering is a few dollars cheaper at $19 ($12 for the box itself and $7 for S&H) and is marketed as a way to discover new greener products. They reached out to me and offered to send me a box for review. I'm always excited about trying new greener products, so I sent them my address and awaited delivery.


The first thing I noticed after the mailman dropped it in my mailbox is how nice the packaging was. The small box was artfully designed and packed with 11 different packages — a juice pouch, granola bar, toothpaste, gum, chocolate cookies, dried pineapple, and a few different kinds of cremes and lotions. I'm not really a big lotion kind of guy, so I dove straight into the snackables.


The snacks were tasty enough, though I'm not sure I would have been excited about spending $19 on what I received in the box. One of the problems that anyone in this space has to contend with is that not everyone is going to be excited about everything in the box. If I'm not jazzed about at least 3/4 of the offering, I'm going to feel like I wasted my money. I would say I was enthusiastic about maybe half of this first box.


I talked to Conscious Box founder Jameson Morris about my concerns and asked him some questions about the future of the service. One of the important things that I think is missing right now is the ability to get a great deal buying the things I like in the box. If I can buy the products that I get excited about at a deep discount, then I'm going to feel like I'm getting my money's worth. Let's face it: $19 a month looks a lot better when I'm getting a box full of samples (which is what it is) along with the option to save a bunch of cash buying the ones I like.


Morris shared my concerns and let me know that they're working on something along those lines. He sees his service as a way for consumers to find new greener products and knows that he needs to help make a connection between his customers and the companies making the products that he sends out.


Conscious Box is kindly sending me next month's box so I can get a better sense of their product selection. I'll report back about any new developments in the specific offering.


Swing over to Conscious Box to learn more about what they're up to.


And while you're at it, check out Morris's side gig, Organic Soul, a website and community for people into natural and holistic living. (Shea's note: Originally I had mistakenly written that the very cool Formalitees was one of Morris's side gigs. It's not. Sorry about that.)



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Review: The Conscious Box
The Conscious Box delivers new greener goods and goodies to your doorstep every month for around the price of two tickets to the movies.