Want to try out a new hobby this summer, but can’t afford the startup equipment? Then you’ll be glad to know that the borrow-don’t-buy site NeighborGoods launched nationally today.

I wrote about NeighborGoods when it debuted in Southern California last fall, letting me and my neighbors share our goods instead of spending money to buy things we’ll only use once in a blue moon — then spending more money to store those rarely needed things. Apparently, Americans spend $22 billion a year on self storage!

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Now, with NeighborGoods’ national launch, would-be borrowers and generous neighbors across the U.S. have an easy way to connect. Want to learn to surf this summer? I’ve got two neighbors willing to lend me a surfboard within three miles of where I live. Are you curious about knitting? A fellow Angeleno who goes by kiksthegreat is willing to lend her knitting skills. That’s right — free knitting lessons from your neighbor! And if you’ve always wanted to take up golfing, another generous Angeleno is offering to lend out a brand new set of clubs — “including a driver, fairway wood, 3-8 irons, sand wedge, putter, bag.” Watch the introductory video below to see how it all works:

Watch This Intro Video! from sparky rose on Vimeo.

So try out a new hobby this summer courtesy of the free NeighborGoods service, no money down necessary. Hey — you can even borrow from me! I’ve got the tome you need to make this season your Infinite Summer.

Save money this summer with NeighborGoods
Pick up a new summer hobby -- without investing in new equipment -- by borrowing from the generous neighbors near you.