One thing I've realized by blogging for 6+ years: The most devoted readers of your blog are usually — other bloggers!

That's why I love attending the BlogHer Conference every year. Besides the general fun of meeting bloggers whose work you admire (and who read your blog), this particular conference puts women front and center — which really sets it apart from many blogging and tech conferences that are dominated by male speakers and presenters.

Plus, since I happen to be the green section editor for BlogHer, I get to meet — or see again — all the great environmental bloggers whose posts I've been reading all year. The conference has gotten greener and greener over the years, with paper-free programs, zero-waste meals, filtered water stations, and a lot more. So right after I finish this post, I'll be heading down to San Diego.

Planning to be there too? Find me at these events:

  • BlogHer 5K. Get some free, natural outdoor exercise — Run this fun route (PDF) with me bright and early on Fri., Aug. 5, starting at 6:30 am.
  • Our Food Future: Kids, Cooking, and Health. This Friday afternoon panel will feature one blogger I've been admiring for a long time from afar — Mrs. Q of Fed Up With School Lunch, who's been eating — and photodocumenting — the same sugary, over-processed, factory-farmed animal product-filled school lunches her students have to eat at school every day.
  • The Swag Exchange. Lots of companies attend BlogHer — and give out a lot of free stuff in the gift bag, at the expo, and pretty much everywhere else around the conference too. Saying no is my first line of defense, but the stuff that I still don't want that ends up in my possession (i.e. more reusable bags) gets dropped off at this spot before I leave — for donation, recycling, or use by another BlogHer attendee with different wants and needs than myself.
Of course I'll be at a lot of other panels, sessions, and parties too — so if you see me, do say hello!
See you at BlogHer '11
Meet MNN's lifestyle blogger at the BlogHer '11 conference in San Diego this weekend.