If Valentine’s Day seems like a made-up holiday that shamelessly taps into the worst aspects of wasteful American consumerism, I am kind of with you! That said, I love eco-friendly celebrations — even if they’re for pseudo-holidays. Plus, Valentine’s Day does create an occasion to discuss some important green issues — like population control and health! After all, Valentine’s Day is also National Condom Day.

So — for both Valentine’s Day lovers and haters — here are some links to get you in the green mood:

>> 5 surprising things to make you a green lover. Grist’s umbra’s got some sexy tips — from eco-friendly aphrodisiacs to PVC-free bedroom toys.

>> 14 sexy sustainable men’s undies. “Nothing kills a mood faster than a dingy pair of overstretched tighty whities (except, perhaps, for the fatal underwear-and-sock combo),” according to Ecouterre, which provides a photo slideshow of green man-drawers to help reset the mood.

>> Bring sexy back while keeping it green. Your Daily Thread’s got tips on greening your sex life, whether you’re celebrating solo or with company.

>> Get wild for Valentine’s Day. The Sierra Club’s Green Life blog points out that green Valentine’s Day gifts can be gifts that keep giving — if they’re donations to help preserve wild spaces through The Sierra Club. What you do in those wild spaces is up to your imagination –

What are your best tips for keeping Valentine’s Day green?

Sexy, sustainable Valentine's Day tips
Keep your Valentine's Day celebrations sexy and sustainable with these eco-friendly tips.